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Hi Everyone!!! I am SO excited you have found my little spot on the web!!! My name is Sarah Cornish and I am a professional photographer based out of Mystic, CT and recently relocated to Colorado! There are so many amazing, inspiring things to capture in life and I am here to help you take the mundane and make it magical.  Not only your processing but your photography! A few years a go when I started this business it was merely a pipe dream. My goal was to make a quality amazing product accessible and affordable so that everyone in all walks of their journey could have amazing tools to bring their photography to the next level without breaking the bank! It has been humbling to watch my business grow and get to know so many other amazing souls in this photography community.

This little shop contains all kinds of incredible tools for all kinds of photographers! I am here for you from one creative soul to another!! Whether you are a hobbyist, a seasoned professional or even just in the very beginnings of your photographic journey  I am positive you will find my photographer’s resources not only unique and fun but easy to use and affordable. My Goal here is to open your eyes to new and amazing ways to process your images. Ways that you never imagined you could of. I also  In this shop you will find Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets and even Textures. I also offer Online Mentorships now featuring Skype sessions to help walk you through Processing not only to make the most out of your Photoshop Actions but to bring your photography to the next level. And coming soon will be design elements incorporated into the shop as well later this Summer of 2012.

I also have a blog-site chalk full of fun features such as new releases, tutorials, articles, other featured photographers, giveaways, recipes using my photographer’s tools, and SO much more!  A hub for you to come and learn, and to hopefully be completely inspired or to share your art as I encourage others to submit their own photo creations using my tools!  There will also be a ton of interactive recipes and challenges so I hope you dive right in with me! You can find that right HERE or at www.myfourhensphotography.com. There are many amazing things on the horizon and I hope you will join me as we discover those together!! Also if you want to pop in and say hello over at my Facebook page HERE I would absolutely love it!! It is always amazing to meet others totally crazy about photography like myself. You do not need to use my tools to come on by! Feel free to come over and tag me and say hi! I love to see your work and be inspired!

And be sure to check the Freebie tab there while your at it for exclusive always changing freebies!!! Fun right?! I am a huge fan of sharing and love to give goodies now and again just as a small way to say thank you for hanging around!

Lastly if you are wondering who the heck this crazy lady is you can find my photography website at www.my4hensphotography.com. I am always updating my portfolio so feel free to check in often! You can also sign up for the newsletter here, check my youtube channel for tutorials and utilize the FAQ for questions you may have that I am asked often. Hope to get to know you!!!