How To Get a Breastfed Baby To Take A Pacifier2

How To Get a Breastfed Baby To Take A Pacifier

The pacifier is used to calm your baby and prevent them from sucking his thumb of anything. The pacifier can be used to feed your baby with other flavors when he turns to 6 months. Listed below are some tips to keep in mind while using the pacifier on your babyHow To Get a Breastfed Baby To Take A Pacifier2

Only for the use of infants

As the use of the best pacifier for breastfeeding baby after he turns 4 in an age which is maximum age is not good for his development in the oral field, you must resist him from using and even the thumbsucker habit will be removed by that age. It can adversely affect the jawline, teeth and even the palate of your child if he uses it for more than 4 years in an age which is considered to be an average age.

Do not make it on your own

It is a request that does not make your own pacifier and use it on your baby for showing your creativity. You can do it on other things also but not on the pacifier. The hand – made pacifiers are not safe to use for your baby and can cause many hazardous accidents such as choking. Even the bottle nipple cannot be used as a pacifier or use the pacifier of any material other than latex, silicone, rubber or even plastic. Also, it is advised to test the pacifier that your baby is using if it is not coming apart if you are using the one which is of the basic design.

Wash before every use

For maintaining the hygiene and keeping the germs and bacteria out of sight, it is very important to wash the pacifier before every use so that you keep your baby healthy and free form any disease-causing germs. You can either wash your baby’s pacifier simply using the soap and water or you can also sterilize by keeping it in the boiling water for a maximum of 5 minutes. And if it is mentioned in the package itself, then you can easily wash it in the dishwasher which will be a very easy task for you to do. The pacifier available in the material of silicone is washable in the dishwasher.

Tethers to be safely used

The tethers attached to the pacifier which are short in length are tied to the stroller or even crib is safe to use for your baby. The pacifier for breastfeeding baby includes the tethers which are safe for your baby only if you make sure that they do not hurt themselves by pinching the with the clip on the tethers. It is advisable that you should not tie a ribbon or any string which is of 6 inches larger to your pacifier as it may cause strangulation and hurt your little baby. The tethers attached to your baby’s stroller must be used with safety so that your toddler does not get hurt and may not face any possible injury by any chance. Make sure that you test the tethers before every time you put it in the mouth of your baby to suckle it.

Replace when necessary

It is important to replace the pacifier when it gets defected and can no more be in use for your baby. If the pacifier that you are using gets a crack or a hole into it and feels sticky and grimy and it does not give you a feeling of smoothness as compared to the time when you have bought it, then you must replace it with the pacifier for breastfeeding baby. Even if your pacifier is facing the problem such as discoloration, stretching and even the looseness then it is the right time for you to throw them out and buy the new one so that it is safe for your baby to use it.

Easy to find in dark

With the glow in a light feature that is coming in many best pacifier for breastfeeding baby it is easy for them to find it easily in the night. Furthermore, if they fall onto the ground then it easy to identify for the baby if it has been fall on the floor or in the crib. Also, it also acts as a dim light in the night for you and making your baby comfortable to sleep if he is afraid of darkness. If your floor is shielded with the same color as your pacifier, then it will be difficult to find it for you and for your baby as well.How To Get a Breastfed Baby To Take A Pacifier2

Type of pacifier

There are many types of pacifiers available in the markets that are considered to be the best in use by other customers. Some of them are:

Novelty Pacifier: It is the pacifier that is available in the market with the cutest design and is best to use if you are taking your child in any Halloween party as it has a very entertaining made on it. The shape of this type of pacifier is based on the Halloween theme and your baby can make a grand entry in any event.

Feeding pacifier: This type of pacifier is used on a baby which is 6 months older so that he can be introduced to some dissolvable food or new flavors other than milk. Through the feeding pacifier, he can suck the fruits being mashed into a paste. They are safe to wash in the dishwasher.


The best pacifier for breastfeeding baby is an essential part of his nourishing times and can be safe in use for your baby also. The pacifier helps your baby to grow fast and it can be used to feed the baby with another type of flavors also except the milk of his mother. We highly hope that with this article you are able to understand how to get your breastfed baby to take a pacifier and it depends on the shape and size.