Is White Noise Bad for Babies

Is White Noise Bad for Babies

White noise is a type of noise produced by combining multiple sounds with different frequencies. Science proves that white noise is not only relaxing for adults but also helps babies sleep well. However, what is white noise and how to use the baby white noise machine to sleep, not everyone knows this. Let’s find out the details below!

What is white noise?

White noise is also known as white sound, static or background noise. For many people, white noise is quite strange because not everyone knows this concept well. What is white noise?

White noise is usually a relatively low frequency sound, continuously spaced out. It is the sound of everyday life such as the sound of a hairdryer, TV noise, wind chimes, waves, showers etc. A white noise machine generates white noise by combining various types of sounds.

What is the nature of white noise? White noise usually contains all different audio frequencies and can cover other types of sound. For example, when the the sounds from outside a window enter your room through the gaps. At that time, you can turn on white noise to eliminate that sound.

Compared to noises that make you feel uncomfortable or annoyed, white noise ranks in the list of “useful” noise types for many people’s health, especially babies. According to a study in the US, 40 percent of children can sleep easier after listening to white noise. Therefore, white noise is also considered to be an easy listening sound for many children.

Not only effective for young children, but white noise is also considered a relaxing sound, supporting the treatment of several conditions such as depression, sleep disorders, or tinnitus for adults. Besides, white noise also works to create a private environment for you to focus on work, study, and or adapt to a strange environment.

Should babies hear white noise coming from a white noise machine for babies?Is White Noise Bad for Babies

After reading the above information you have some idea of what white noise is, right? Not only effective for adults, but white noise has also been studied as a relaxing sleeping sound for babies and mothers. However, there are benefits and draw backs to white noise that not everyone knows:

Benefits of using white noise machine for baby

The most noticeable benefit of white noise is that it is easier for babies to fall asleep, especially infants. Children’s hearing is inherently sensitive, which is why they are very sensitive to surrounding noises. When a baby is in a mostly noisy environment at bedtime it can seem suddenly quiet. Then it can be difficult for babies to sleep and they will cry.

Therefore, you can use white sounds to lull your baby to sleep. Also, white noise makes it easy to eliminate background noise. For example, when your baby wants to sleep, but the sound of the cars below make disrupt his sleep. Then the white noise emitted by the best baby white noise machine will promote the effect of eliminating the surrounding noise, from it is easier to fall asleep.

The harm of baby white noise machine

Besides using white noise as lullaby music for adults and children, they also contain unpredictable harm if you abuse them. So what is the harm of white noise?

Although white noise acts as music for babies to listen to sleep easily, they may accidentally form bad habits for children.  Babies that normally listen to white noise after they have fallen asleep may have difficulty falling asleep in the future. For example, when your family is traveling but not carrying a white noise player, it can make your baby both uncomfortable and unable to sleep well.

Also, frequent exposure to white noise for long periods of time can affect hearing and, more seriously, cause a child’s speech disorder.

How to use a white noise machine to sleep properly

As mentioned above there are wonderful effects that white noise brings to adults and children. But, it can cause unpredictable harm if you abuse it or and do not know how to use it properly. In today’s article, we will show you how to lull babies to sleep with white noise.

The sound intensity of white noise is usually around 50 dB. Although the level of sound that the ear can tolerate has not been exceeded this intensity can cause hearing damage. Therefore, when using music for babies with white noise, you should keep at least 200cm away from your baby. Adjust the sound to an appropriate amount. See more on what dB is and what is the threshold of the human ear to better understand the sound threshold used when listening to white music.

Many parents often have the habit of using it all night. However, your baby should listen to it only for an hour before going to bed. After he has fallen into deep sleep you should turn it off! If you have not purchased a white noise generator, you can download mp3 white noise or search online for white noise mp3 to listen to online.

Some other notes

Using white noise for babies is a way to help babies sleep better, but this is not the most useful solution. Moreover, your baby’s hearing is also very sensitive so you need to protect it carefullyt. Therefore, you should apply other ways to help your baby sleep better:

Using noise-proof earplugs for babies is a way to prevent noise when sleeping, helping to give your baby a quiet space, eliminating background noise. There are many types of earplug products. You can choose noise-canceling earplugs to make your baby feel comfortable while sleeping or playing.

In addition to using the best baby white noise machine, you can replace the white noise with instrumental music. Remember to only let your baby listen to it for a certain amount time. You do not want your baby to become dependent on it.

White noise in addition to its great effects on helping children sleep faster, is also the most effective solution for children to sleep better. Hopefully the information that this article has just provided to you has been helpful. We hope it has helped you understand more about what white noise is and how to lull your baby to sleep properly and effectively.