letters to my sons

letters to my sons | my dear boys

My Little Men,

It seems we are hitting a crossroads.  For years I can honestly say you were both the proverbial mama’s boys.  Granted I am sure you wouldn’t want to be called that much later on in life but at both eight and six year’s old it is completely okay as far as I am concerned right now. Lately though you are both becoming more and more independent.  You not only can but want to entertain yourselves and I am seeing you grow more and more into an easy friendship.  There are so many times I need to step back and remind myself that this is how it is. This is how it should be.  I do long for the extra cuddles and easy kisses.  Wesley, as an example you won’t even let me kiss you on your mouth now. You actually haven’t for a little while but prefer to be kissed on the forehead and whenever I go in to kiss you, you put your head down. I asked why you do this and you replied “I don’t want to be married to you.” Ha! So cute and well so sweetly naive and I do love that too.  You both are full of questions.  Always asking questions about the silliest and sweetest things. The questions are starting to turn to other things though that I don’t yet know how to discuss with you. I am working on that.  Thank goodness for daddy. You both also are learning the importance of kindness and responsibility. No your rooms are not spotless but you are learning courtesy in at least trying to clean up after your general messes. I will admit though getting you two to clean your rooms is a bit I imagine like pulling teeth. You both lay on your beds and cry the other isn’t helping enough. That’s real life though! Either way I love being a mom of boys. Your imagination, your sense of wonder. Everyday holds a bit of magic and I am loving getting to see life through your own eyes. I couldn’t imagine life without super hero capes and stick wands!!

Love always,

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